Art, Culture, and Ocean Conservation . . .

Blossom Bliss


Frolicking in springs grand event with blossoms bursting everywhere. Tickling your face, your nose, and the whimsy that lies within each of us. Thankful for free day at the Bronx botanical garden and for all of natures glory. Bumblebees and birds whiz zing by, sweet streams with a rare sighting of a native beaver in the daytime, gentle breezes, picnics on bedrock along river sides- the river- sweetly cuddled in between yellow daisies blanketing its shores. The smell of grass and the childish fun of rolling down soft green grassy hills. I’m so thankful that their are so many places in NYC where nature rules and thankful to myself for taking the time to enjoy it.

Gentle snow globe style bundles of blossoms cyclone by and all I can think is that this is what dreams are made of.


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