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Dreaming in Color

As a girl with crazy hair for most of my life I had an interesting phenomenon come over me last spring- for the first time ever I was at a total loss of what to do with my hair! Typically in control of every aspect of my image- this took me by surprise.

So when I was asked by the hottest salon in town ( if I would allow a no holds bar cut and color to be a model for the new line of colors by Manic Panic I jumped at the opportunity!

Growing up in Texas as an alterna-grunge-goth grrrl in the 90’s you had limited options for making your lochs the colors of your dreams. I tried everything from berries to kool-aid, but every now and then I could snag a dab of the highly sought after Manic Panic and it worked like a dream! Tish and Snooky, the creators of Manic Panic and forerunners of the original punk movement in the 70s were totally my hero’s! The fact that I was privy to their unreleased magick potion felt like I had just won the lottery.

Excited, I met with Jeanise Aviles, one of the amazing colorists at Aerea Salon, for the consultation and she gave me the option of picking between pink or yellow. Yellow?! An unreleased vibrant “Sunshine Yellow”?! I was sold- and then as what was about to happen washed over me- I was struck with the awe inspiring realization that. . .I had become my teenage idol.

Wow! I never thought the girl I dreamed of being in my twisted crazy teenage dreams, that I saw on posters like Switchblade Symphony, or in late night videos on120 minutes was actually possible. But here I am-receiving the full-on professional treatment for the brightest hair I have had to date.

Like a pretty pretty princess the ladies of Aerea salon took good care of me! We promptly set up a shoot which I can finally share! Here are the long awaited Manic Panic Photos!! Enjoy!

Salon: Aerea Salon

Colorist/Photographer: Jeanise Aviles

Model:    Ali Luminescent

Hair Cut: Arleen Quinones

MUA:       Christine Geiger

Assist:     Ariane Garcia

(Ariane is also a radical colorist as well!! Glad she was there to help out with the shoot! )






And here are a few edits I was playing around with just for fun! Enjoy!


And the winner of the shoot! Image

What do your hair dreams look like? Feel free to post images in the comments below!

Vibrantly Yours~


Ali Luminescent

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

The Gaultier exhibit  From Sidewalk to Catwalk at the Brooklyn Museum is fantastic! Truly cutting edge, guiding new trends, exposing people’s fears and celebrating diversity. A designer speaking volumes through garments across the ages. What an enjoyable way to learn more about this revolutionary designer!

The first room won me over with his sparkling and elegant mermaid collection! Splash! Impressive textiles and great forms lounged around in the opening room inviting all to dive into his world.

IMG_1948 1

It brings me great joy to see impressive, inspiring, and counterculture flavor in mainstream media. The show is well thought out and carefully put together- full of quotes and snippets of an artist truly being his own voice in a world of boundaries and expectations.

It is amazing to see someone cut through barriers of price in the fashion world and celebrate their unique voice and style. One of my favorite looks from his very first shows was the placemat dress made from cheap woven placemats from the Philippines. Resourcefulness can go a long way!

Another inspiring thing happening here is an artist celebrated and revered while he is still alive!! This is a great practice! Artists should be sought out and appreciated while they are still in action and can enjoy their success.

Don’t miss this show! It closes February 23, 2014.

Click here to view the Brooklyn Museum Website for details on the exhibition!

Merm-AID Needed!

Calling All Mermaid and Ocean Lovers! 


  • Photo by Jesse Ammarte

As the last mermaid slithered up on the beach to survey what happened on the Coney Island Boardwalk, she saw sparkles and shells pouring forth from all the community support seen so far in Coney Island. You too can be part of this necessary Merm-AID!!! Open your treasure chest and lend a helping fin!


  • Photo by Barry Yanowitz, The Year Coney Island Voted me Queen of the Mermaids 2009!

There is still a long way to go to bring Coney Island to the point where they can host the most ridiculously awesome parade in history- The 31st Annual Mermaid Parade!!! When I first found out about the mermaid parades existence my gills started opening up, my fins started splashing, and I could barely contain myself. I am honored to hold a trophy as Coney Island’s Best Mermaid from 2009 as well as have organized my own float for the Mermaid Parade in the past- but really the best part of being a mermaid is getting to splash around with all my seaworthy brothers and sisters on the Coney Island Boardwalk!

If humans can get anything right- they should send some clams on over this way:

Click the video or copy and paste this link “”


  • Justin and I’s first real date: Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2007! 

I identify greatly with being a Mermaid (A fairie-mermaid-unicorn at that)! Each year I band together with my mer-sisters Kai Altair and Cynthia Carvajal to produce “Mermaid Lagoon.” Mermaid Lagoon is a non-profit event used to raise money and awareness for the ocean and all of its inhabitants! Keep your ear to the water for the next installment. In the meantime- lets help the Coney Island Mermaid Parade Kickstarter Campaign swell well beyond their goal!

Mermaids forever!!! Image


  • Sam Shine biking the BoomTrike over the finish line for Enchante! Photo by Dan Howell


  • KJ Boheme and Justin Aubuchon from Enchante Float 2010


  • Photo by Jim Wene 2008


  • Mermaiding for SMASH entertainment 2013

With your help we can keep the mermaids shining bright for all years to come! 


  • Christine Gieger and Ali Luminescent’s Fire Mermaid Act at Flutearte! Gowanus Ballroom

S P L A S H! 

The Return


Sleepless and satisfied I have returned to the US of A. 4am wakefulness allows for thoughtful recollection of my recent journey and passage back to NYC.

2 days ago we boarded a bus in Sri Lanka at 2am- we were lucky enough to get seats- many people had to stand the whole five hour journey. I was quite surprised that the bus service in Sri Lanka is 24 hours and highly utilized by the locals. Driving there is insane- but we had become accustom to that. The only seat left actually was the front seat lolol with the direct view of the road. I slept away in my lil zen place I go when I no longer have control and know the view may be stressful. I slept soundly sitting upright on this bus seat weaving and barreling in and out of Sri Lanka traffic. Sometimes when the bus would lurch Justin said I’d jolt awake throwing my arms up over my face like we were going to crash- I had no remembrance of these moments and am thankful for it. We made it to our transfer, took another bus- this one filled with 50 school girls in their uniforms and giggling so cute at us. Then a tuk-tuk to the airport- I emptied the sand out of my shoes from when I fell asleep on the beach the night before.

The airport went smoothly except for my hula hoops. I left America with 17 hula hoops and am returning with only my personal stash of 6 lol they are collapsed down and small enough to fit in the overhead and typically NEVER a problem for me- buuut in Sri Lanka this was totally a problem – they said it was a pipe- and could be used as a weapon. This military man snarled at me squinting his eyes causing a deep crease in his blue barret. One hand on his gun and one finger poking at my chest he insisted my hoops were not coming on this plane and that i could not board until they were discarded or checked. Customs is a long way away by this point and I have maybe 30 minutes before my flight. I was strong face to face with this evil man but once I turned away and started thinking about how my lil hoops- not wrapped or padded- only tied together with my lil stretchy lace string were ever going to make it with thousands of pounds of luggage being tossed on them – I started to cry. I travel all over the world and always take my hoops as my carry-on- if for some reason they don’t fit I gate check them and they are gently hand carried. I was pissed, annoyed, and scared that my hoops would never be seen again. I started sniffling my way back downstairs to see what I could do when an airport representative approached me, explained that this man is notorious for being evil and apologized for his attitude. I explained that I was scared my hoops were going to be destroyed going through checked baggage and they reassured me they would be okay, they even ran ahead through customs so that I wouldn’t have to get back in line after and did all the paperwork and tagging for me and brought me back upstairs so I didn’t have to wait again in the security line either. They were actually really nice and my hoops did arrive unharmed. Thank Goodness!!! I was amazed and oh so thankful.

Next stop Bangkok! We got a cheap room went to Mr. Yim’s – who makes my favorite green curry in all of Thailand. Ran around the night markets and then at 5am went back to the airport and flew to Hong Kong.

Now….we were to have a ten hour layover in Hong Kong on the way in- but our flights were changed- so now we have a 6 Hr layover on the way home and we absolutely planned to make the most of it. Our good friend sent us some pointers and I left my carry-on bag at the cloak room in the airport. Justin and I hopped on a double decker bus and jaunted into Hong Kong. What a beautiful ride!!! The China Sea, huge bridges, mountains, high-rises, gondolas, wow. This small excursion was super worth it. We emerged into the city that was every Chinatown times 1000 and paid homage to the OG. So cool. Wish we had more time but thankful for the glimpse.



We returned to the airport for our final flight home. No other hangups with my hoops or fire gear ( which was also in my carry on
In the previous encounter- but metal doused in kerosine- no problem – hula hoops on the other hand . . . ) and our good friends scooped us up at the airport cushioning our landing hear in NYC. And tadaaaa we are HOME. Lolol.

I love New York City so much, and like the moon to the tide, the longer I’m away the more it pulls me back- but the real truth is that I love my community here in NYC even more. Places will always be there to visit- even NYC won’t change too much while you are away- but the people that make it what it is are priceless and irreplaceable.